A few weeks with deskstand, a standing desk alternative made in south africa

Image of girl standing in front of a DeskStand

I am a few weeks in standing at my desk and one week in using a standing desk (DeskStand). I had previously used a makeshift scaffold of sorts. Not ideal but I wanted to test the water.

Better than sitting? Yes. Do I get tired? Certainly, but that is the point. I do take some breaks. Write an occasional email seated. Apparently it is good to mix it up as often as possible.

I did try and buy/source a height adjustable standing desk, but it proved to be either too costly (for a first timer) and nearly impossible to find in South Africa.

DESKSTAND Standing Desk Pros and Cons


  • Easy to assemble, made well and looks great.
  • Great price (especially compared to the alternatives).
  • Easily height adjustable (this goes on both pros and cons)*.


  • Wobbly – I have a 24″ monitor as well as a Wacom Cintqiq Companion on the top-level. This will make it wobbly – apparently there is another material available (which I did not see or was not available at the time) which is a fair bit sturdier – we are told. ?
  • Easily height adjustable (this goes on both pros and cons)*.

*[edited]?This might be make-or-break for some people. I am personally fine working standing all day.?

NOTE – the deskstand is height adjustable. You can get it to be just about any height to suit your needs. What I mean by “height-adjustability” in this context is that you can not set it for SITTING and then for STANDING easily as you would with something like HumanScale’s Float Desk. ?The chaps at DeskStand have sent me an image of this adjustability in action – see below. In my case “easily” does not come into play due to me having what seems to be an infinite amount of cables attached to all the things on my desk. I can not easily put it on a lower level.

Last thing I should mention, and this does not fall into the CONS area, of which there are very few. Cable management – I wish there was an integrated solution or some way to hide them, this I suppose is an issue with all desks although the cables are especially apparent with the desktstand standing on your desk. I have a corner stand as you can see in the image and this actually manages to hide the cables to some degree but if you had a front facing desk I could imagine that it could end up looking rather unsightly. I must admit though, for a minimalist solution at this price, I am possibly just being too pedantic and expecting more than I should.

For some further reading on the deskstand:



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