Is graphic design as a profession taken seriously? [communication design]

Fast Company on how Graphic Design (used to) is not taken very seriously (here). See the relating supercut (youtube).

Passing thought…

How seriously can you take the profession of drawing/designing to sell? Phrased like that it does seem rather frivolous. We just might be the first to be killed off during a zombie apocalypse.

Gross simplifications aside; Graphic design is not a licenced profession. There is no accreditation to be a graphic designer. Pretty much anyone with a computer (and sometimes without) can call themselves a graphic designer. This is one of the many reasons why graphic design projects are generated mostly via client referrals. There is no gauge other than your repertoire of work and your client list.

There is also cause to ask if the term “Graphic Designer” is still relevant?

…those words stuck with me and sunk in. I now believe that it doesn’t matter what you call yourself or how much you try to engage in rhetoric about how “different” you are from all those other guys, provided you Do Good Work.

Marian Bantjes, MGDC Former Communications VP, GDC BC Chapter


I am not a Graphic Designer

Explain Yourself


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