Managed Wordpress Hosting

No technical knowledge required Managed WordPress Hosting with a human centric approach. We take care of what makes your website run so that you can focus on your website.

High speed, secure & always up to date

SSD-Based Hosting

SSD drives are 3x faster, facilitating breathtaking performance and reduced page load times for your dynamic websites.


You don’t have to worry about your website crashing. Most of the issues within the server are resolved with auto-healing restarts.

Free SSL

Built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL improves website security with a trusted certificate that fulfills all your HTTPS requirements for free.

Staging Area & URLs

You get a dedicated Staging environment where you can test application changes. When ready we will push it without breaking the live version.

Built-in Cache

Optimized stack with ready to use caches including Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis to deliver expedited responses.

Database Security

Built-in database security prevents unauthorized access to your data and protects it from vulnerabilities.

Regular Security Patching

Regular OS patches which ensures a secure managed cloud server and avoids vulnerabilities.

Backup & Restore

Your automated or on-demand backups are created at an offsite location and can be restored almost instantly. Our standard backup frequency is daily with a 1 week retention.

PHP 8 and beyond

PHP 8.2 at a minimum. PHP 8 is known to be significantly faster than its predecessor.

Dedicated Firewall

Protected by OS-level firewalls that filter out malicious traffic and keep out the intruders.

Bot Protection

Protect your WordPress websites from traffic congestion caused by malicious bots, brute force login attacks and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks.

Managed by Humans 😉

Free Migration

Say goodbye to your old hosting service and get your website moved in no time. Our team of experts will assess your website and make sure everything works flawlessly as we have put a lot of effort into making our platform compatible with all the major plugins. All you need is access to your WordPress admin area and we will do the rest.

WordPress, Managed

We manage the security of your website at a server and application level. We update WordPress instances and their plugins to the latest version. Included are Wordpress core updates, weekly plugin and theme updates (assuming they are licenced).

Early detection and extras

Sporadic reports when specific problems are flagged and ways to improve the speed and security of your website. Included is a selection of premium plugins and theme licencing whilst on our platform (although the lineup changes at our discretion).

Please note

Email is not included:. Our hosting via our server partners are geared towards WordPress specifically. We offer support for Google Workspace (Gmail for business) and Office 365.
Bandwidth and space: We do not have any specific space or bandwidth caps for websites hosted with us although a fair use policy of about 25GB of storage and 250gb of bandwidth is generally allocated. This we have found is more than enough for the vast majority of websites. We are happy to discuss any specific requirements you might have.
CPanel access: We do not offer any CPanel access. We take a completely hands-off approach for our clients. We do however offer SSH and SFTP access.