Turns out it was a FLICKR collection

A while back we posted some images which were apparently “found on an old camera”. See the post here.

Jenny contacted us via FaceBook to let us know that those images are actually part of a Flickr collection called “Bygone Cape Town, South Africa” curated by a chap named Etienne Du Plessis:

A while ago I looked for some sixties and seventies photos of Cape Town on the Net. To my amazement, I could not readily find any. Having spent some of my most memorable times in the Mother city, I undertook to do something about it, and what you see here is part of an ongoing project to share some of the images of bygone Cape Town. I start off with eleven photos of Cape Town that must count amongst the earliest known colour images taken of the city (on the last page). Also included are early post cards and b/w photos.

View the collection here.


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