How does SafeUpdates Work

SafeUpdates actively monitors your WordPress application to detect if there are any pending updates. Once updates are detected and executed, it does the following steps to ensure updates are safe and bug-free:

  1. Once updates are triggered, SafeUpdates takes a backup of your production application, so it can always roll back in case updates are aborted for any reason.
  2. Next, it creates a staging application temporarily. A staging application is a replica of your production application. This way, all the updates are carried out first in the staging environment.
  3. Staging environment snapshots are taken for the record, and unit testing is performed to ensure the application works fine.
  4. Next, all the selected updates are executed in the staging environment.
  5. Once updates are completed, new snapshots are taken, and unit testing is performed.

    Testing involves the following:
    • Performance test
    • WordPress updates
    • HTML
    • Browser console and network errors
    • Comparing screenshots before and after the updates using our proprietary Visual Regression Testing (VRT) algorithms
  6. Once the testing is successful, SafeUpdates updates the production application.

If updates are aborted during this cycle, or the output is not as expected for any reason, SafeUpdates will abort the updating production application. Suppose the error occurs only after the live application is updated; SafeUpdates will roll back changes and restore your application to its previous working state as it takes backup before initiating the update process.

We then contact you to discuss possible fixes and next steps.

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