Facebook vs. Twitter: Which Social Media Platform Should You Choose?

Blue Ying Yang image Facebook vs Twitter

It?s a debate that?s been raging for the better part of the last decade, which social media platform is better for your brand: Facebook vs. Twitter? Sprout Social looked at the pros and cons of each, weighed up the benefits and disadvantages, and considered just about every important metric, and the results are waiting for […]

Finding the right standing desk

Finding the right standing desk 1

Adults who work in an office at a desk job spend equal, if not more, amounts of time there as they do sleeping. Those hours really add up and sitting for long periods of time can take its toll on the human body. Many offices and working professionals are adapting to the trend of standing […]

Calling all WordPress developers…. we are hiring!

Hands on keyboard - Calling all WordPress developers.... we are hiring!

We are looking for a PHP / WORDPRESS DEVELOPER with experience in Responsive Web Design and/or Custom Plugin development! Who are we? One2love is a boutique digital and design agency. We bring together creative thinking, bespoke plans, smart ideas and emerging technologies to transform brands across platforms. We are looking for an experienced WordPress Developer […]

The Remarkable Advantage of Abundant Thinking

Abundant Thinking

I loved this opinion piece?I stumbled across by Katie Verresen, the sought-after executive coach who works with leaders at Facebook, Twitter, and Airbnb, among others. Having worked solidly in the tech world, her mantra is based around keeping a consistent daily approach. ?She strongly believes that ones?career is tied 100% to your attitude. The ideal […]

Design Thinking at one2love.agency

Bee on flower - Design Thinking at one2love.agency

Almost everything we use has been designed with a massive impact on us and our environment. The principles of design now have wider applications beyond graphic, web, interior design etc. They are applied to systems and relationships and to a large degree the way we work and interact… these principles and how we engage with […]

Web Design & Development Misconceptions

Web Design & Development Misconceptions

Web Design & Development Misconceptions We at one2love Agency have been building sites to suit our clients needs for several years and have noticed that there are often misconceptions around how the processes work. Here, we explore some common web design &?development misconceptions. Web Design Is Simple One of the most common web design & […]

Email Marketing > Growing your Business

Email Marketing > Growing your Business 2

Email marketing is growing your business by delivering your message to your target audience. Email newsletters are an essential tool (and some claim THE essential tool) because it offers an interactive and open communication platform with measurable results. The most popular form of email marketing is the humble email newsletter. Lists need to be obtained […]

TEDWomen introduces Ringly

TEDWomen introduces Ringly 3

TEDx women’s week kicked off night before last in the USA, with live simulcasts to conference facilities around the world. I attended the Cape Town simulcast event at the Southern Sun hotel in Cape Town CBD. TEDWomen is a three-day conference focusing on the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers. The […]

Technology that fits.

Technology that fits. 4

In a world of enhancing technologies, consumers and businesses are constantly facing the need to relook at the adapting world around us. As a business trying to either maintain or break into a market, it is very important that you consider the influence disruptive technologies have on the way consumers interact with the world around […]

2015 starts with some new members to the core one2love team

Image of one2loves team members

2015 has been an immensely busy and productive year for our little studio. In addition to our usual flurry of design and strategy work we have had two more amazing people join as part of the core / management. Kirstin Rowlands joined the One2love team this year as Digital Strategist and Project Manager. She develops […]