Sandra Koning All Things Bookkeeping 5 January 5, 2017

My message is one of thanks, when I started with my business I knew that I needed a website. I had the name. I knew what services I wanted to offer my customers and I had a few pictures and ideas but that was about it.

I did not know which company to approach as I had been taken for a ride a few times. Some companies just don’t call you back because your website is not worth their time. Some take your money and you never hear from them again.

They even go as far as changing their number so you are unable to contact them. So, as you can imagine I was concerned as I needed help but did not know where to turn.

Then one day I was driving in my car and I was listening to Tygerberg radio, and on the show I was listening to a man was sharing his experience with this company called One2Love and he was explaining how happy he was with their customer service and professionalism. He explained his journey with them and how they helped him set up his website. He mentioned the name again and since it was such an easy one to remember I googled them and send them an email the moment I got home.

After meeting with Kirstin I was happy with some of her ideas and decided she was someone I could trust and to move forward with. She spoke my language with regards to the importance of customer service and that appealed to me. I received my quote and yes it was not the cheapest but I decided to bite the bullet and now I know it was the best investment I have ever made into my future and business.

So, a big THANK YOU to you Kirstin and your team of caring individuals that worked on my website. I have had one compliment after the other from people that have looked at my website and are impressed and find the site informative and professional. Customer service is very important to me and I expect this in return as well.

One2Love delivered every time!
You guys gave me a website I can be and am very proud of and that works, Thank you!

John Jackson John Jackson Hospitality 5 July 7, 2016

One of the best favours I have received from a business colleague was an introduction to one2love who designed my new business website, in my opinion a truly excellent one which proved to be much, much better than I had anticipated. In addition they designed a beautiful, matching Business Card as well as a 16 page Brochure, all of which together delighted me so much that I will be continuing to work together with them on other initiatives . In addition their fees were affordable, and Kirstin Rowlands was such a pleasure to work with, her humane consideration being so much appreciated, nothing ever being too much trouble. I cannot recommend Kirstin’s and this company’s professionalism, consideration and efficiency enough.

The Stack 5 May 24, 2016

Working with one2love was nothing but efficiency and professionalism all the way. Considering the tight time frames and the lack of available content, the end result is nothing short of amazing! The site is in keeping with our brand image and pre-opening social media campaign and has the flexibility to add up to date copy and images without going back to the drawing board. Has set us up for a very slick start!

Claire Oosthuizen Viva Afrika 5 March 15, 2016

My chosen service provider, one2love provided a value added service. Not only did they came up with wonderful design ideas but their knowledge of SEO and marketing have been invaluable.

Ian Kruger Charisma Inc 5 January 7, 2016

Meticulous and creative. Thinks outside the box and constantly reinvents their work to stay ahead of the competition. Never missed a deadline and is one of the most organised companies we know, which is a rare trait in the design arena.

World Travel Awards 5 January 7, 2016

We have worked with one2love in the past, for both web based advertising and magazine production. One2love is excellent at getting great results in a short space of time, as well as being great value.

Jenman African Safaris 5 January 7, 2016

One2love has been an incredible company to work with from start to finish. We worked with them on rebuilding our main website which was no simple task. Over 300 pages of content involving modern functionality and the flexibility required for a growing company… this was no easy task. Yet One2love were on the ball, they took most of our suggestions and figured out ways of doing it quicker, better and more cost effectively.

When we had problems with our server hosts, they put in the extra hours to ensure our site was up and placed in measures to ensure this never happened again. And the hosting was not their responsibility.

We’ve worked with too many developers to count and One2love is by far the best.

Zion South Africa 5 January 7, 2016

Professional, punctual and an excellent eye for detail and aesthetics.