The Social Media Activation (SMA) involved interacting with swimmers, mountain bikers, paddlers, runners, kids, ambassadors and event planners to gather and share content via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge Image Grid of Contestants
Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge Young Contestants Making Heart Signs Image

Why a Social Media Activation?

  1. This created opportunities for participants and their families to build a stronger emotional connection and experience to the Foundation’s brand, which helps to ensure continued participation and support of the event.
  2. A multi-sensory experience reaching out to many of the participants and their networks, therefore, expanding the Foundations original network and providing outsiders with a first-hand experience of the event(s).
  3. Creating a hybrid strategy with ‘hands in heart shapes’ where the participants were snapped doing this – this created a ‘theme’ for the event that required physical participation and shareable moments that were recognisable as ‘belonging to the event’.
  4. The SMA took the Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge viral.
Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge Pink Race Start Image
Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge Athletes on Beach Image

What was the success of the activation?

With approximately 3,000 participants reaching just under 100,000 people it’s easy to see why a SMA is so effective. The number of people reached was substantially more than the number of people who participated in the events.

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36 600 people were exposed/reached by the content in the tweets (versus 23 100 in 2015). Total growth in engagement and overall reach 58%.




59 066 people were exposed to /reached by the content in the posts (versus 22 782 in 2015). Total growth in new fans 18.5% growth. Total growth in overall reach 159%.




(New to the 2016 event). 474 followers were exposed to/reached by the content in the posts. Total growth in new fans 100% growth. Total growth in overall reach 213%.