New York Times Style Magazine on Google’s Doodles

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The New York Times Style Magazine’s article on why Google’s corporate iconography is a 21st-century?masterpiece.
…The same can be said of Google?s doodles, most of which are in the cutesy style of illustration that design purists loathe. That?s its strength. How can someone be trying to con you by commemorating the birthday of Isaac Newton with an animated apple falling off a tree, or Jackson Pollock?s with ?Google? scrawled in a ?drip painting?? It?s so gauche that it must be guileless. ?Sometimes those doodles are downright corny,? said Michael Bierut, a partner in the Pentagram design group. ?But they?re also surprising, charming and memorable. Like any holiday gift, it?s the thought that counts.? Read the full article

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