How important is my logo (design)? Some quick thoughts on why logos are a big deal.

How important is my logo?

What makes a logo design important? Seems like a simple enough question.

The primary purpose:

The primary purpose is for it to sum up your business in just one picture – and businesses can be complex things with complex ideas or ideologies driving them. It is a single image or symbol that should (mostly) represent your business’s personality within a single glance.

A logo should serve as a foundation for your brand. Let me explain; although this is not impossible (nothing is?) we often get asked the question – should you build your business’s website and then develop a logo? We suggest not. The logo and its execution are intrinsically linked, and this serves as the foundation of the rest of the brand. With that point in mind… by building the website first and only then creating the logo, you will likely end up with a disjointed end result.

I recently had a discussion on Facebook where a carpenter friend of mine had designed his own logo and was asking for feedback. Many of the comments were of the “we like it” or “it looks pretty” variety. This got me thinking about the words “like” and how it should possibly be the absolute last (of the many reasons) to choose a logo for your “thing”.

The basic idea:

You shouldn’t “like” a logo.
A logo should do it’s job.

Its function is not to look pretty although that is part and parcel if your design is good (and if it looking good is part of the intended outcome).

First and foremost, it should symbolise your “thing” – be it a business or [insert thing here] – at a glance. It should communicate your ethic and your intention in short visual form.

To summarise:

If you choose or design your logo based on aesthetics only, then you are doing it wrong. There is far more to consider. First and foremost, what is the logo’s purpose? In most cases that is – at a glance – give a person a lasting idea about your businesses intention, ethic and industry. When possible choose your logo wisely and plan your design around it, not the other way round.


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