2015 starts with some new members to the core one2love team

Image of one2loves team members

2015 has been an immensely busy and productive year for our little studio. In addition to our usual flurry of design and strategy work we have had two more amazing people join as part of the core / management.

Kirstin Rowlands joined the One2love team this year as Digital Strategist and Project Manager. She develops plans prior to implementation for quality best fit solutions. Think user experience, design reviews, content creation, social media, SEO/search and analytics . She tracks budgets, creates project plans and manages our design team to ensure that your projects are a success.

Jane Pitchford has joined us this month. She has over 15 years experience in business and various creative fields. This has enabled her to build effective brands for her clients across various formats, from tiny Favicons to Giant Billboards. Jane‘s creativity, enthusiasm and open mind keep her searching for new ideas and better ways to generate business through design.

Welcome to the new studio members!


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