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How to setup an email signature in Outlook 2010

Step One:

Open Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Step Two:

Once Outlook 2010 is open, select the ‘File’ tab at the top right of the program on the Menu Bar.

Step Three:

On the left hand side, click the ‘Options’ button.

Step Four:

Once the ‘Outlook Options’ box has opened, select the ‘Mail’ tab on the right hand side just beneath ‘General’.

Step Five:

Click the ‘Signatures…’ button on the right hand side.

Step Six:

Click the ‘New’ button to create your Signature in Outlook 2010.

Step Seven:

The ‘New Signature’ box will open. Enter what you would like to name your signature, and click ‘OK’.

Step Eight:

Open your email signature in your web browser (we usually supply you with a link – click on the link, it will usually open in your default browser – Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer).

NOTE: If you have the Skype extension (or any similar extensions) installed, it might insert a little icon or extra code / click to call skype button etc. You need to make sure all of these extensions are turned off before advancing to the following step.

Step Nine:

Once the email signature is open in your web browser, press CTRL + A to highlight the signature, then press CTRL + C to copy the signature.

Important: Do not use your mouse to select the area, only use Ctrl + A as you may miss out on grabbing some of the code.

Step Ten:

Change back to Outlook 2010, and paste (CTRL + V) your signature into the field.

Step Eleven:

OK the settings and you’re done!

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