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Sending Campaigns

Elegant Editor

You can quickly update your emails from within your browser.

Autoresponders and drip campaigns

Quickly build and schedule automated welcome messages, birthday greetings and other date-based campaigns.

We’ll archive all your sent campaigns, free!

Add a line of code to your site for a full archive that automatically updates.

RSS to Email

Sending monthly blog updates or looking for a way to integrate your website content into your newsletters? Schedule delivery every time you update your RSS-enabled website.

Top notch deliverability

Authentication, relationships with ISPs, industry-leading mail servers and more ensure your emails are delivered.

Send in any time zone

Take full control over when your subscribers will receive your campaigns.

Secure and smart

You can rest safe in the knowledge that we take security and deliverability extremely seriously. With redundancy at every layer of our application, you’re protected against any type of hardware failure.

DomainKeys and Sender ID

Improve your deliverability with email authentication – which will give your campaigns the best possible chance of reaching the inbox.

ISP feedback loop integration

We’re integrated into the feedback loop of ISP’s like Yahoo, Outlook.com and AOL. So if a subscriber marks you as spam, we’ll remove them from your list automatically.

Lightning-fast CDN

We host all your email images on our own servers for free. What’s more, they’re delivered via our super-speedy worldwide content delivery network!

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